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General information

Country France
About the University La Faculté de Droit de Caen est inscrite dans un vaste réseau de coopération internationale, en Europe mais aussi sur les autres continents.
Ces coopérations offrent aux étudiants de Caen des opportunités de formation à l'étranger, mais aussi de bénéficier de l'apport d'enseignants-chercheurs étrangers.

Nos coopérations couvrent les champs de la formation, mais aussi de la recherche, attestant de la reconnaissance de nos équipes de recherche.

Student exchange information

Method of application at the RUG Online application form:
Application deadline RUG 01 March
Available places 2 semester places
Level of courses available for exchange students Bachelor
Main Language French
Language of instruction French
Language test results needed Yes: see extra requirements for more information
Language courses available Yes
Extra requirements Given the strict requirements of a number of partner universities with respect to foreign students, students who want to apply for an exchange to France, must have completed a language-proficiency course for the language in question or be able to show that they are already following such a course.
Evidence of this or a certificate must be submitted with the application.

Minimum French level at moment of application: B2 on CEFR scale.

Check and meet all language requirements of the Faculty of Law:

Link (law faculty) university View university website
Link International office View international office website
Housing arranged Institution
Visa needed No (unless you have a non-eu passport)
Vaccination needed No
Financial support / Grants More information on study and placement grants for law students can be found at the website

An Erasmus+ grant covers part of the travel and accommodation expenses involved in studying abroad. At the moment the Erasmus+ grant has been set at €170,-- to €270,-- per calendar month, depending on the country of your host university. This may change per academic year.

Your application for an exchange period at one of the Faculty’s partner universities also counts as your application for a grant. When you receive notification of a place for study abroad, you will also learn whether or not you have been awarded a Erasmus grant and receive more information on the Erasmus grant.

Student Reports


Course information can be found in the students report and on the website of the university.

Please be aware that the course list on the website of the university might not always be up to date, since the curriculum for next academic year might not be available yet. Furthermore keep in mind that you can only follow the courses open to exchange students. 

Some of the Law Faculty’s offer a limited range of courses taught in English. The course offer may vary from year to year. Even if law students intend to take only law courses offered in English, they will still have to meet the language requirements. Students who want to apply for an exchange to Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Argentina or Mexico must have completed a language-proficiency course for the language in question or be able to show that they are already following such a course.

Level of courses available Bachelor
LLB students: is a minimum of 30 ECTS available Yes
Link available courses View courses site
Last update (21 Nov 2019)