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General information

Country United States
About the University In recent years, Florida State University College of Law's faculty have earned national acclaim for their contributions to legal scholarship and the profession. Leiter’s Law School Rankings (2010) rates the law school faculty the nation’s 23rd best in terms of per capita scholarly impact. Based on a survey of 18,000 law students, Princeton Review has rated Florida State’s faculty the nation’s 10th best in terms of accessibility and 11th best in terms of quality of teaching

Florida State University College of Law offers a superb legal education with a strong liberal arts orientation. Our three-year curriculum is rich and diverse. It begins with traditional courses and coverages and expands to include the latest in theoretical and interdisciplinary analyses. We have structured our curriculum to provide students with the opportunity to obtain a broad and interdisciplinary exposure to different areas of law.

We have especially strong programs in three areas: environmental law; international law; and business.

Student exchange information

Method of application at the RUG Online application form: rug.nl/law/lep
Application deadline RUG 01 February
Available places 2 semester places
Level of courses available for exchange students Master
Main Language English
Language of instruction English
Language test results needed Yes: see extra requirements for more information
Language courses available Unknown
Extra requirements Average mark of 7.0 (GPA).

To study at the Florida State University, you will need a TOEFL score of at least 92 (internet-based) or an IELTS score of at least a 6,5.

Only valid TOEFL or IELTS tests can be accepted. TOEFL and IELTS tests are valid for 2 years only.
Important information These places are available only for advanced law students, because you can only attend courses at Master level. Advanced in this case means: students who are in their master programme here in Groningen. Only in very exceptional cases exceptions may be possible, but only at the discretion of the selection committee. The selection committee will always give priority to the requirements of the partner universities over students’ preferences.

IMPORTANT! Florida State University changed the deadlines for their Fall nomination and application for incoming exchange students and also for the course application and on campus housing. These new deadlines are earlier than the Groningen deadline for exchange applications. FSU was kind enough to postpone their deadlines for Groningen exchange students who want to study at FSU in the Fall semester, but indicated the following consequences for Groningen students:
- Fall students can probably not be housed on campus and will have to arrange private accommodation;
- Fall students cannot always be placed in courses of their preference, because course registration at FSU is already open before the Groningen selection procedure takes place.
Students who want to study at FSU in the Fall (as of September) should take this into account.

Credit conversion (please keep in mind that credit conversion may always be subject to change):
1 credit = 2 ECTS

Link (law faculty) university View university website
Link International office View international office website
Housing arranged Institution
Student self
Visa needed Yes
Vaccination needed Yes
Financial support / Grants More information on study and placement grants for law students is available at the website rug.nl/law/lep.

For studying in countries outside Europe students can apply for a grant from the Marco Polo Fund, which comprises of both faculty and university resources. Marco Polo grants do not cover travel and residential expenses completely; they are merely a contribution towards the extra costs involved in studying abroad.

At the moment the Marco Polo grant has been set at €170,-- to €290,-- per calendar month, depending on the country of your host university. This may change per academic year.

Your application for an exchange period at one of the Faculty’s partner universities also counts as your application for a grant. When you receive notification of a place for study abroad, you will also learn whether or not you have been awarded a Marco Polo grant.

Student Reports

FSU Fall 2018.pdf (Size: 122 Kb | Create Time: 01 Mar 2021)
FSU Fall 2019.pdf (Size: 104 Kb | Create Time: 01 Mar 2021)
FSU Fall 2019-1.pdf (Size: 151 Kb | Create Time: 01 Mar 2021)
FSU Spring 2017.pdf (Size: 96 Kb | Create Time: 01 Mar 2021)


Course information can be found in the students report and on the website of the university.

Please be aware that the course list on the website of the university might not always be up to date, since the curriculum for next academic year might not be available yet. Furthermore keep in mind that you can only follow the courses open to exchange students. 

Level of courses available Master
Link available courses View courses site
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